Why Choose Orlando Spray Tan over other options?

In the United States alone over 2 million teens spend regular intervals in tanning beds and booths each year. Their risk of skin cancer has jumped by 75% by choosing this dangerous form of tanning; because of this factor the World Health Organization (WHO) has begun to request teens be banned from these beds, although only 20 states currently have these laws in place.
Consider this: A person who never sets foot into a tanning bed or booth will be 7 times less likely to develop skin cancer. Those who visit as little as five times a year begin to see an increase. But even more frightening, those who go ten or more times have their risk jump to being 800% more likely to have skin cancer from these units. Over one million people a year are diagnosed with skin cancer, and over 68,000 will die from skin cancer. These tanning beds causing cancer and charging people to do it.
Tanning has become such a serious problem that the FDA has advised against the dangers of tanning and recommended that no one should be tanning in booths, beds, or in direct sunlight. But two other organizations have realized the dangers and have stepped up too. The American Academy of Dermatology has suggested the booths only be used for medical purposes, while the CDC has reported eye damage as another potential hazard for those using the beds.
Long term exposure to the UV rays of the tanning bed has the same effects as sunburns do in regards to skin cancer. Instead of having the pain from the outer layer being present, the tanning beds do their damage on a more internal level. So instead of having the noticeable damage, you get the skin tone you may be looking for, with the damage more internalized. In fact, damage to the immune system can happen as a result of using a tanning bed as well. One reason is because these beds give off three times the UV rays of the sun.

How to get safe tan:

So how do you get that perfect tan without the dangers of the sun and the harmful UV rays of the tanning beds? The answer is a spray tan. Unlike the expensive cost of a tanning bed or booth you can get a spray tan in the perfect tone for fewer than fifty dollars.
These tans look natural and with modernized techniques most people can’t tell the difference. There are no dangerous chemicals used, and it is a perfectly safe substance to put on your skin. No organization has reported skin cancer as a result of the spray tan.
In fact since the 1960’s the FDA has approved the use of the spray tan and has called it a safer method of tanning than the other available options. With two different options available you have the ability to get a great tan that works best for your body. For those who have normal skin the water based option will work best for your tan delivery while those with dry and flaky skin will benefit a bit more from the oil based option.
A professional that applies these spray tans will ensure an even and spot free tan. When the tan has finished you will shower off and the excess will be removed, but the skin will have the pigmentation that you desired…  and it won’t stain any items that you come in contact with.
Since spray tans are a safe option they should be considered over the dangerous alternatives that are available on the market. You’ll look just as good with an even and long lasting tan, without the increased risk of skin cancer.

 Recommended by:

  •   American Academy of Dermatology
  •   American Medical Association
  •   American Cancer Society
  •   Skin Cancer Foundation
  •   FDA Approved
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